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This is too intense



I still need to watch this

what movie is this?*

Wadjda (2012)

I had this on this photoset originally but apparently someone thought they had to erase my text. Please do watch this!


Favourite Movies ~ Shaolin Soccer (2001)

"I’m not here to fight.  I’m here to play soccer"


Nicola Odemann

i thought since it was ~the future~ that people stopped referring to trans men and trans women as “he/shes” but the other day i had to correct someone for calling my family member a he/she.

i try so hard to believe that people are just ignorant of proper use of language but when the hell is calling someone a “he/she” appropriate?


it makes me sad that most of the 6,500 people liking and reblogging this don’t know that this is Kazuo Ohno.