Rise of the Guardians

Yesterday, in order to celebrate the new year, my boyfriend and I took my little sister and cousin to see Rise of the Guardians. I usually refuse to see a movie in 3D since it hikes up the price and the 3D isn’t all that great. However, when I watched  my cousin and little sister try to catch the snowflakes falling infront of them in the theater - it made the few extra dollars worth it. The story line, the artwork, and the characters are well developed.

I was a bit worried about how Rise of the Guardians would be on the big screen - since I adored The Man in the Moon and The Sandman. However, the film did not disappoint. If anything, it reminded me of the beauty of childhood and inspired me to create art once more. I recommend the movie to adults and children who want to experience magic and all things wonderful.

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